Photo Booths and Social Media



As technology integrates with social media in a variety of ways, it only makes sense for this integration to extend to nearly every piece of technology we use. Now, even refrigerators, video games consoles and cameras easily hook up with social media sites. Photo booths too are following the trend and making it easier for people to post on these sites and share with their friends what they are doing.

Sites like Instagram, Facebook and twitter are just a few of those that link directly to many photo booth that are for hire around the country. Now when you hire a photo booth, you can ask for this functionality specifically. Photo booths are no longer a relic of shopping malls and public venues. Instead, they are changing to keep up with current trends and to stay on the cutting edge of technology. That is very evident in the way that many photo booth hire companies are embracing the integration of their booths with social media.

photobooth_600_colormatchSo what does this mean for people who hire these booths for their parties, social events and company get-togethers? It means that as soon as they take a picture in the booth, they can upload the photos to their Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. They can either sign in on the machine itself or have their profile information collected and saved by the booth hire company ahead of time. The latter option will save them a few steps once the booth is set up. They can just take their photos, choose which profile to upload the photos to and then start sharing.

This allows them to make their social media presence known at the events they attend. They don’t have to wait until they get home and scan their photos physically into their computers. And they don’t have to miss out on sharing all the great memories of the event they went to. Instant access to social media sites through the booth and instant sharing means that memories can be placed online as soon as they occur.

And the booths allow plenty of options for photo customization. There is plenty more to do than most phones can handle. That’s why many people prefer to have their photos taken in the booths than to take the pictures themselves. They can create attractive borders on their photos or use all sorts of effects to make their photos look zany or original. It allows their creativity to be let loose and gives them an opportunity to try something new and different.

And the quality of the photos is usually exceptional. Most photo booths come fitted with high quality cameras that autofocus. The confined spaces within the booths are large enough for group photos, but small enough that the cameras can achieve precise focus for every shot. So those who do share their photos with their friends are going to be able to show them very clear photos that are likely much better than what they normally get from their phones.  If you want to photo booth hire, visit The Instabooth and make a booking for your big event.